With expert craftsmanship, we can achieve a wide range of premium finishes.

Venetian Polished Plaster

Venetian Plaster is a high shine finish, which can be made to appear semi-reflective. This finish often mimics natural earthy materials such as marble.

Perfect for anyone who wants to add wow-factor to any room.

Available in 169 colours.


This versatile finish is perfect for creating a classic industrial Melbourne look. Perfect for cafes, bars, restaurants and office spaces.

The examples shown are concrete and silver wax,  classic polished concrete panel, untrowed concrete, wood pressed concrete with white wash.

Muro Naturale

A lime product created using marble powders of different sizes to create a rustic, natural stone look.

Perfect for a feature wall or to add depth and dimension to any room.

Available in 169 colours.


Instinto is an extremely versatile product that can be used to create finishes such as Split Stone, Polished Stone, Bamboo and Contemporary Stone.

Perfect for adding unique texture to a feature wall or focal point of a room such as a fireplace surround or splashback.

Available in 169 colours.


Marmarino is a subtle, simple and clean stone look, which works perfectly on larger areas, rooms and is a great way of keeping a theme consistent throughout a whole house.

Available in 169 colours.


With 169 colours to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone.

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